Thursday, 23 April 2015


We have all been thrilled to see that the bulbs that we planted in January, February, and even early March, have been coming up in greater numbers than expected!  The new Scottsdales in Horningsea very generously gifted Abbey People with bulbs bulbs bulbs in January.  We then planted as many as we could in different community spaces and places; shown on the map further down the page.  See the earlier Blog in March that explains the full story.

Here are some photos of the bulbs coming up, especially at the Barnwell shops location !

Tricia and Lorna planted up at the Barnwell shops and Library and are amazed at how many actually came up this year !

A few of the many bulbs we planted have come up this year in front of our Barnwell Library.  Maybe lots more next year !

Five bright orange stars in amongst all the lovely foliage that Keith has been planting at our Abbey Community Centre Garden through the years !  And these lovely tulips below were also gifted to Abbey People by the new 
Scottsdales in Horningsea.

                                 The map below shows where the thousands of bulbs we have planted thus far.

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