Tuesday, 17 March 2015

The Abbey Big Bulb Idea (ABBI)

Abbey People were very lucky to receive a lovely gift this year from the new Scottsdales in Horningsea 

They donated thousands of bulbs to us for planting all around our community!
So far we have planted 3,580 bulbs bulbs bulbs !

The bulbs include daffodils, narcissai, tulips, grape hyacinths, snakes head frittillaria, hyacinths, etc,etc,etc.
This has involved a few of us Abbey Peeps and anybody who wants to plant bulbs in their own Abbey areas.

Here is where we have planted so far:

The Barnwell shops and Library:                                                                       650 bulbs
The Abbey Community Centre and Nursery                                                     650 bulbs
The Abbey Orchard                                                                                           780 bulbs
Howard Road near Howard Close                                                                     200 bulbs
Howard Road near the block of flats                                                                 100 bulbs
Pathway between Wadloe’s Road & Ditton Meadow                                       650 bulbs
The Leper Chapel                                                                                              400 bulbs
Newmarket Road @ Ditton Walk planter                                                         150 bulbs
TOTAL BULBS PLANTED SO FAR                                                              3580 bulbs bulbs bulbs !


We were given the bulbs in early January after the planting season in Nov-Dec.
By January, it is too late for Scottsdale’s to sell the bulbs and they are starting to grow in their packages. Scottsdale’s then gives them to community groups who plant them into the ground as soon as they can.Some bulbs planted in January and early February have started coming up but most will come up next year. By then they will be well established in the ground and all ready to come up and give joy to many hearts in the Spring time, and for years to come !

If you would like to plant some bulbs in your own Abbey Area, please just contact Lorna and we will be happy to help you get started in your area.

Before we know it, The Abbey will be jumping with Springtime Colour !

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